We are in the forefront of Rotogravure and flexographic printing industry as a manufacturer and supplier of Premium quality of Doctor Blades, Strip Blades, Ink Mixing Rolls, Reel Wrapping Machine, Treatment Checking pens, Rotary and slitting Blades, Lab Instruments etc. that confirms to international norms and standards.

Ours is the company who is serving this Industry for the past more than one decade and is a trend setter in regard to the introduction of Antifriction technology for Doctor Blades.

Polymer high density blades for anillox rollers, 0.2 mm soft steel blade, stainless steel blade for water based Inks /corrosive / abrasive coatings.

Our products are developed to offer superior printing solutions to the clients who operate in highly competitive markets across the world. The raw material used are highly refined and meticulously designed to take care of all major and subtle issues of high value commercial printing.


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